What color wood floor with dark cabinets?

There are definite rules on how to match flooring color with dark furniture. The most basic thing is to create the perfect combination of all the dark colors in any of your rooms. This can seem like a difficult task in the kitchen, for example, because the color of the cabinets can be very different from all the other colors.

According to your preferences, the surroundings’ decor, and the color scheme you’ve chosen, several wood flooring colors may be matching with dark cabinets in the kitchen.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Nevertheless, dark cabinets work well with both neutral and dark shades. This blog will find out what color wood flooring will go with dark cabinets and cabinetry.

What kind of floors goes with dark cabinets?

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Any kitchen should have the ideal ratio and combination of light and dark tones. That’s why the most acceptable color for a wood floor for dark cabinets is something light.

The most typical examples are maple and oak floors because they complement practically all materials of various colors.

Harmony and richness in the kitchen are preserved in the space by using elements made of these types of wood.

In this instance, all the emphasis and attention is carried to the black fittings and cabinets because the light hues are not particularly eye-catching.

Despite this, light flooring is not the only option for furnishing your dark floors in the kitchen. If your attention falls to darker surroundings, you can experiment with darker shades as well. So what color wood floor with dark cabinets?

Light or dark floors?

It can make a difference in how bright or gloomy your kitchen feels whether you choose dark or lighter flooring. Consider the type and quality of natural light your kitchen receives throughout the day. By choosing lighter wood floors your kitchen will look more pleasant, comfortable, and homely due to the lighting that comes into it.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets
What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets?

Light-colored wood floors work best to lighten a kitchen with dark cabinets.

If your kitchen receives a lot of sunlight, using dark-colored hardwood floors that absorb light can be the best option. Give your choice in the direction of light wood flooring in order not to create excessive contrast in your living space.

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Best colors for wood floors

So, what color wood floor with dark cabinets is the most suitable? However, the color variations of wood flooring in the kitchen can be endless, but we recommend giving your preference to one of the two categories provided below, especially if you have white walls in your house.

So, the question is – what type of floor goes with dark cabinets the best?

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are a win-win in any kitchen interior. These shades can complement dark cabinets, cabinetry and furniture because they don’t catch the eye as much.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Neutral shades combine and match quite well with other colors of the same category. Also, neutral colors have one advantage – they can combine even with bright and saturated details in the kitchen. The best variations of modern neutral colors are brown, grey, white, and black.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

For instance, the white flooring which can be considered the best flooring, will not be conspicuous and will be neat enough in the kitchen with dark shades. This type of style may make the visual interest more unique and design a sophisticated look for your room.

Dark hues

Because black is a neutral shade, it is not classed as the main color.

Even so, black is not the best option for flooring, especially if you already have dark cabinets in your kitchen.
What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Black can ruin the aesthetics of your design and that’s why you need to be very careful with its use. If you need to combine wood floors with black cabinets, give your preference to dark shades, but black will not combine with dark cabinetry. Some examples of dark wood floors are gold, chartreuse, blue, dark brown, and navy.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Choosing one of the above colors also depends on the color of the cabinets in the kitchen. For example, colored but dark shades such as dark brown or blue can be complemented by these shades.

Should wood floors be lighter or darker than cabinets?

By the rule of thumb, wood flooring should be lighter than dark cabinets and cabinetry.

It is not advisable to cover dark on dark, creating an environment that is not the most comfortable because of the color scheme.

In this case, the home design may look gloomy and not brightened enough. Even if you prefer darker tones, you should not avoid blond colors, as they also have their purpose in the kitchen.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

When you combine a wood basewith darker cabinets, you create a very comfortable, modern, whole, and harmonious environment. In addition, the light-colored wood floor has such a quality as a greater range of options for the implementation of the decor in a particular room with a wood floor.

Can you have light floors with dark cabinets?

Light flooring looks good with dark cabinetry because they provide contrast and variation in your space. While too much blond wood might be boring, too much dark wood or simple black flooring can be intimidating in the modern environment. Do not be afraid to combine dark floors with the lightest shades.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Try using the same wood with various dyes to blend two different wood tones in order to complete a matching environment. This provides a largely consistent appearance with some contrast. Mixing wood floors with various grains creates a more diverse look and increases visual intrigue.

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How to combine two colors in the kitchen?

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

To pull off the aesthetic, it’s crucial to tie the two wood colors together in order not to ruin the texture.

To connect the cabinets and hardwood floors, use a border that complements the cabinets and a bright counter that flatters the floor. Pick a paint shade that goes nicely with both of your rich wooden components.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

In order to be fair as possible, we have provided a case study of a dark-on-dark color scheme in use. This situation allows for such a dark style because your entire wall is made of glass and is heavily inspired by the outdoors. This is a contemporary and ominous manner you might be able to decorate your kitchen if you reside in a glass flat or house.

Should the kitchen floor be lighter or darker?

From modernistic and trendy ideas, we advise lighter timber flooring. The darker cabinets in your home will complement lighter flooring as a design element.

Don’t add gloomy flooring to the already dark color shade so that your kitchen ends up looking like a cave. You and your visitors will be wowed by your choice of blond glossy or wood flooring.

Are lighter shades better than darker shades?

After reading this blog, it’s clear that light-colored flooring is an option that will fit almost any kitchen with dark cabinets, and it can be the best flooring option in your house. And the biggest advantage of a light wood floor is that it does not have the property to absorb as much light and heat as a black wood floor does.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Lighter shades in the kitchen

Light-colored floors are great for kitchens, especially those with black cabinets, and they are considered the best color wood floor. With this technique, the accent on the furniture itself will be brighter and more obvious than if it were in the gloomy shades of the floor.

Blond shades are perceived as more warm and cozy compared to black, which can evoke more gloomy and negative emotions.

Scratches and various bruises are much more noticeable on black surfaces such as tile than on light-colored ones.

Are there any problems with lighter shades?

Despite this, lighter shades of flooring also have their disadvantages. It can be considered a stereotype, but if you go overboard with light shades, you can assemble the atmosphere of a clinic or a medical ward. In order to avoid this feeling, you need to be able to choose correctly from a huge deviation of light shades.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

What Color Wood Floor Is Timeless?

The best floors in this category are oak and maple. Both are very easy to do, but their look can make your floor with dark cabinets look expensive and rich, as well as neat and cozy.

Oak flooring

Oak is without a doubt one of the most popular flooring materials in a room with dark cabinets. Oak flooring is a symbol of strength and sophistication, loved by millions of people because of its elegant appearance, incredible durability, and timeless relevance.

And it is timeless in every sense of the word: not only do oak floors always remain stylish, but it also lasts for decades.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Maple flooring

Maple flooring is abrasion-resistant and durable. It can decorate the interior in light colors, as well as act as a contrast if the furniture and other items in the room are dark. It is advantageous to lay the floor of maple in dark rooms – the interior immediately becomes lighter, visually expanding space.

Both of the above options make unbelievable comfort in the home by the fact that they do not darken the room. Using beech or oak with the cabinetry you definitely won’t go wrong, as they have been considered the modern flooring methods for many years.

What color floors never go out of style?

As mentioned above, the most optimal colors for flooring are neutral colors. Black cabinets are very easy to pair with neutral shades that won’t catch the eye.

Also, the process of creating an aesthetic look with dark cabinets is much easier with gray, white, and black shades.

Despite all the advantages of neutral shades, you should not refuse natural and original options, such as gold or brown colors in the kitchen, which can also be the best flooring for dark shades. If you approach this case with special care, then their selection for your cabinets can be successful.

What is the problem with the dark shades?

However, many experts in this business do not recommend the use of timber shades in a room with dark cabinets. According to them, they can create an atmosphere of a village and other things.

That is why, if your priorities are to arrange your kitchen in a modern style, give your choice in the direction of neutral pleasant shades.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

Dark wood floors—are they outdated?

Dark wood flooring has long been fashionable, and it appears that this trend will certainly continue. In truth, dark wood flooring has existed ever since the late Middle Ages.

Dark wood flooring isn’t typically regarded as being outdated, though. For example, modern homes frequently employ black timber even with dark cabinets in the kitchen. This color is frequently used in combination with other neutral tones, most notably white. After this, there will not be a question of what color wood floor with dark cabinets is the best.

Should Countertops Match Floor Or Cabinets?

Countertops must coordinate with the flooring and the cabinetry in your room. We suggest a blond floor because it complements everything. Wood that is shining or earthy in color exudes a trendy and livable vibe. The fact that dark cabinets and blond floors already go together so well makes matching them very easy.

Imagine a kitchen with marble countertops, light wood floors, and painted or dark cabinets. Perfection.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

The advantages of neutral colors

A room that is more on the neutral side of the color wheel can be so much fun to design and decorate, especially when there is a backsplash or a tile. When everything in a space might be cooperating, why are they all competing for our attention?

Your room should be easy to clean, yet remain pleasing to the eye. In addition to this, it is very important not to forget one design trick – the use of a limited amount of white, which can provide a more comfortable atmosphere, even in a room with a backsplash and dark cabinets. We recommend using a color wheel in order not to mess things up.

What color wood floor is the best with dark cabinets

A lighter wood floor lightens the design and creates a more minimalist environment. Also, lighting shades can visually increase the space in your kitchen with dark shades.

Some other tips

Dark cabinetry and flooring aid in defining the area of the kitchen in open-plan living spaces with a single-walled kitchen. If your kitchen is already crowded, you may want to avoid using dark colors on the floors and cabinets since they can make some areas appear smaller.

In the kitchen, contrasting dark floors with dark cabinets make a striking statement. Dark gray cabinets and floors are calming and serene, but black cabinets and black floors may be too dramatic and ominous for many kitchens. Consider an indigo color palette if you’re a little more daring.


Based on all of the above, you can conclude that kitchen decorating is not such a complicated endeavor. The most important thing when it comes to the color floor is to treat it with a professional approach.

If you still find it difficult, then we advise referring to the Internet, which will help you to pick up the colors for your interior with the color wheel.

Do not be afraid to experiment!

Also, be sure that each color in your home looks harmonious with the others. In addition, you can always experiment with the details, which can also diversify your home. Besides that, be sure that everything, including the cabinets, fits the lighting that enters your rooms through the windows.

Despite all the above tips, you have a bunch of possibilities related to the combination of different colors and shades, bright, dull, blond, dark, and so on. Do not be afraid to make a new, but at the same time comfortable and harmonious for your environment.

The most important agreement

You’re prepared to put everything you’ve learned into practice in your own kitchen now that you have some motivation and knowledge. Kitchen floors that support your design objectives and maintain your area lovely and functional will highlight your dark cabinets.

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