How to remove sharpie from wood?

Everyone knows that the deal of remove permanent marker marks is not easy. In this blog, we’re going to look at all the options on how to get rid of those permanent marker stains and how to remove permanent marker without any difficulties.


Is it really difficult to remove permanent marker from wood?

In fact, removing permanent marker is not as difficult as it may seem. The way to remove the stain depends entirely on the type of surface, and more specifically the wood furniture.

Mahogany. Cleaning mahogany from the stains is done in the same way as with regular wood. These types of wooden furniture are considered some of the easiest to care for and clean.

Things are different with oak and birch. The wood in these types is a little harder, and because of this, cleaning these types of wood may take more time.

As for the soft types of wood, on the contrary, they are able to absorb any liquids and paints, which also causes some difficulties in their removal.

Comparising different types of wood

Laminated and real wood surfaces

Real wood is not used in countertops, cabinets, flooring, or furniture. Surfaces made of laminate or laminated wood are simpler to maintain.

How to remove sharpie from wood?

Stained wood will age. Surfaces made of laminated wood provide a layer of defense. Permanent marker stains can be eliminated without endangering the surface.

Laminated wood requires the same maintenance as a dry-erase board. It won’t be simple if it’s actual wood. Check to establish if you are working with finished or unfinished wood before attempting to erase an ink stain.

Finished and unfinished wood

When finished surfaces are is created, lacquer is applied on it. Following that, the wood is given a wax treatment to prevent stains, such as permanent marker, from penetrating further into the surface.

However, you don’t want to ruin the finish when removing the stains. First, try mild drugs. The laws differ when dealing with unfinished wood.

Anything touched by unfinished wood absorbs it. It will become soggy if you get it wet. It will bleed and spread if you use ink on it. The stains will be more difficult to get rid of, but not impossible.

Untreated wood can withstand more pressure, but you won’t harm it. The same is true with painted and stained wood. Even when protected, painted wood is susceptible to damage.

How do you get sharpie off a table?

Despite the many types of wood, cleaning stains from the wood surface of the hardware is the most energy-intensive thing to do. The way to clean furniture from stains depends on the softness of the furniture.

If the furniture is hard enough, such as a chair, table or cabinet, we recommend using a fairly popular type of oil to remove the ink.


If you need to remove the marker from the table as quickly and easily as possible, then try doing it with an ordinary eraser. In fact, many people forget or simply do not know that some erasers have this property – to remove even the most permanent inks, so you have an opportunity to remove stains easily with the help of magic eraser.

How do you get sharpie off wood with toothpaste?

The effective method of removing permanent marker stains is using a simple gel toothpaste.

Toothpaste contains an active ingredient that helps remove stains of permanent markers. It is better to use toothpaste with baking soda. You can use baking soda and water for similar results, but the effect is much better after using a toothpaste.

Not many people know this, but white toothpaste contains some of the most essential ingredients for cleaning. In addition to the toothpaste itself, we recommend adding baking soda for the best effect. Also, add a little, but not excess water to the white toothpaste for a good rubbing action to remove permanent marker from wood.


Some easy steps to remove ink with toothpaste

To remove the discoloration, find toothpaste. Use all the paste more frequently than tooth brushing. While you move on to the next step, let the toothpaste sink in to the wooden surfaces.

FIRST – Obtain a wet washcloth. A damp washcloth is required, however make absolutely sure it is not wet. It should be sufficiently damp and saturated. Use whatever feels appropriate for you. It doesn’t matter what temperature the water is if you are using an appropriate toothpaste.


SECOND – Brush on the toothpaste on the entire area. Apply gel toothpaste to the stain with a rag and rub it in a circular motion. The wood grain will not be harmed by gentle, circular motion. Lightly tap the button. Keep doing this until the stain is gone.


THREE – Wash with a fresh rag. Use a fresh moist towel once the stain has disappeared or after five minutes of rubbing with a toothpaste. Wipe the toothpaste this time with the direction of the wood’s texture. Get rid of all the toothpaste by using the clean cloth. If you decide the fabric you are using is too dirty in the middle, switch to another clean cloth in order to get rid of those stains.


FOUR – Repeat until dry, if necessary. To dry the finished wood, utilize a third cloth. Beginning with calm motions, wipe in the direction of the grain until the end. Repeat these instructions if the stain has been mostly eliminated but not completely.


Using baking soda to remove permanent marker from wood surfaces

If using a toothpaste did not help you, try this method in order to clearly remove permanent marker stains.


Fill a small cup with two tablespoon of baking soda.


Then, add water gradually, the finished mixture shouldn’t be overly watery.


After that, make a semi-sandy paste by stirring in just enough water.


Put a bit more baking soda in the cup if you unintentionally added too much water.


After that, gently rub the paste over the stain, and clean and wipe it with a moist sponge after waiting 4 minutes.


Any stains that have permeated the wood permanently should be eliminated by the texture of the mixture from the surface.

Natural Remedies For Permanent Marker Removal From Wood

Wood may be cleaned of permanent marker stains with toothpaste and damp cloth, however, the toothpaste is not always powerful enough to do the task with the wood. Other substances may help much better, and these ingredients ought to work to remove the permanent ink.

Rubbing alcohol based product

In order to remove permanent marker from wood, use any alcohol-containing substance to get rid of a permanent marker stain, but the cleaner the better. Almost every aspects may be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol without losing quality or coverage just by rubbing alcohol. We advise using a damp cloth and adding water in a 1 to 1 ratio with an alcohol to remove permanent marker stains from wood appliances.


This method in considered as the easiest, because it does not require anything than rubbing alcohol on the aspect with the permanent markers.

For a better idea, we recommend reading the following steps to remove permanent marker

Firstly, use a clean cloth or cotton swab to clean the wood. After soaking the material in alcohol, use a soft cloth to wipe the broken furniture frame. The marker will rapidly start to breakdown in the alcohol and transfer to the cotton ball.

You might need to use more than one ball, depending on where the contamination is. Water-based markers are particularly easy to remove from refrigerators using alcohol.

Wipe the cleansed area with a fresh, wet towel when the permanent marker stain has entirely been transferred to the ball. By the method of rubbing alcohol, you can easily remove the permanent marker from wood surfaces.

METHOD 1 – Using a hairspray

Using hairspray is one of the more effective ways to get rid of permanent marker. To remove permanent marker stains, dab a little varnish into the area and rub it in a certain motions. For discolored areas, alcohol-containing remedies and sprays that drip moist are best.


METHOD 2 – Using nail polish remover

Products containing acetone are very helpful in removing marker stains, and one of them is nail polish remover. Just apply the nail polish remover for a few seconds, but do not forget tp wipe it all with baby wipes before finishing treatment. With the right amount of product, they can be very effective for any unfinished wood surfaces.


METHOD 3 – Using hand sanitizer

A hand sanitizer is an alcohol content which is capable to eliminate the stains from the wood. It is simpler to use than any other elbow grease or liquid products. It is also available in gel form. If you have a gel, you may use it like toothpaste if you’re fortunate enough to have one.


METHOD 4 – Using the Magic Eraser

You may easily remove sharpie marks by having a damp magic eraser. It could take a little extra work, but it turns out better than most other approaches.

METHOD 5 – Dry Erase Marker

The simplest method for eliminating the permanent from wood is to write on it with a dry erase marker. You only need to use a dry cloth or paper towel by which wipe the dry erase marker away from the stained area. As you can see, the marker stain has also disappeared. Apply this technique to polished surfaces, just do not forget to wipe the marker to remove permanent marker stains.

METHOD 6 – Using a sunscreen

Utilize a simple soap and water to get rid of the leftover of permanent marker and ink stains from the wood surfaces. Try to avoid pressure on surface or attempts to scrape the permanent ink off the wood as you might engrave it greatly.

The indelible stain on the wood should be handled with a thin layer of sunscreen, them just let it dry for a little bit. Utilize a moist cloth to wipe the entire surface from the permanent marker.


The majority of permanent mark stains need to vanish effortlessly. After that, you need to stroke the wood in a clockwise direction or circular motions with the help of dripping wet. The warm soapy water should be used to wash away any remaining marker ink stains even the inconspicuous spot on the surface of stained area.

Other unusual techniques to remove permanent marker

If the previous practices didn’t seem to operate for you, then not only rubbing alcohol can help you. Have you ever wondered if the use of food is able to assist in the household for removing permanent marker stains on the wood furniture?

TIP ONE – Using a mayonnaise.

If this technique is more convenient, utlizie it rather of a solution of baking soda in order to remove permanent marker from wood. Apply a spoonful of mayonnaise to the spot to remove marker. Then, when the cream had sit for five minutes, brush that off to make sure you got rid of permanent marker from wood.

TIP TWO – Using a baby oil as a remover.

One of the best and most effective ways to get rid of permanent marker stains is baby oil. Keep in mind, that the marker stain only needs to be cleaned and rubbed with a washcloth dampened with baby oil. You only need to apply a few drops of baby oil and carry on with the preceding instructions if the persistent stain does not disappear the first time.

Is it possible to remove permanent marker by the usage of a vinegar?

Almost every housewife’s kitchen contains vinegar, which has been used for a variety of things in the past for the home improvement. With the aid of vinegar, you can remove the permanent marker stain from the wooden surface with ease.


Get a fresh cloth and dab it with some vinegar to accomplish this. Due of the necessity for extreme caution when using this product, you just need to apply it to the edge of the clean rag. Rub the permanent marker stain until it is mostly or entirely detached once your rag is sufficiently moist, and be sure that you clearly remove marker stains.

Some important warnings and points

After we have learned everything about removing marker stains, we would like to offer you some tips that may also be useful in this difficult matter of getting rid of permanent marker from wood.

Sandpaper. This product is excellent for dealing with a variety of difficulties in the home, including the deal with the permanent marker. The most experienced experts recommend using it before you start your work.

  1. Don’t forget that almost all wooden furniture is covered with a special layer, which can easily be accidentally rubbed off with sandpaper. Therefore, we advise you to be as careful and vigilant as possible in remove the stains.
  2. When rubbing the permanent marker strains, exercise extreme caution. Even if we told you to scrub with all your might with the dry cloth, try not to go overboard. When you do this, it’s really simple to lower the quality of the wood.

Don’t panic. Even if you have somehow damaged the surface of your wood in the process of removing a permanent marker stain, we have found a solution to this problem.

You always have the option of buying the right paint for your finished wood. If you are still afraid to do it yourself, then turning to the Internet or a specialist in this matter is always available to get a help with remove permanent marker from wood.

Do not forget about the testing part. Before you apply any of the above remedies, we advise you to try them on some other area of wood, which, if necessary, will not be spoiled.

Don’t harm your health. After learning about the best and most effective ways to remove a stain, don’t forget about your health, which even with such low odds can be affected. Make sure that some remedies, such as vinegar, do not damage your skin, or you will have to go to the doctor, which will take time.

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How to remove permanent marker stains on the kitchen table?

Most kitchen countertops are finished with polyurethane. The wood is shielded by the coating. Do not panic if your table becomes permanently stained with ink, because the removing it consists of same steps as mentioned before.
Rub alcohol, hand sanitizer and a cloth are all you need. Use a small amount of fingernail polish remover for large ink stains on an affected area.


To be certain of the effectiveness of any treatment, always do a test procedure before applying it to your furniture.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that virtually any alcohol-containing product will remove stains off furniture effectively. This could be an excellent indication to stock up on these goods going forward. In conclusion, it is possible to treat stains at home no matter how challenging they initially appear to be to remove. Here you can find ways to remove heat stains or glue spills.

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