A guide on how to remove a stuck drill bit from wood and 10+ useful tips

In our article, we will discuss how to remove a stuck drill bit from wood. This is not a simple problem as it seems. For example, a user turns the chuck after drilling a hole but nothing occurs. So, he cannot take the drill bit out of the drill.

Or we can give you another example when consumers are drilling a hole and suddenly the drill stops rotating. They try to switch it on again but nothing happens. The drill bit stuck in the material and people couldn’t get it out.

Fortunately, we can recommend some methods to fix these problems by using a pair of pliers, that’s why you will know how to do it properly and escape the drill bit stuck.

How do you get a drill bit unstuck?

So, we will tell you the main approaches how to remove a drill bit from wood if you can’t get it out. These recommendations allow users to prevent such occasions in the future.

Actually, you should know that it is better to prevent than to cure – this principle is applied not only in the medical sphere but in our one as well.

Frankly speaking, consumers can use the right drill bit to avoid a drill bit stuck since there are special ones for wood work.

Hence, people need to select the proper tool to escape the drill bit stuck. It helps to make detailed research before you begin the work on your project. Well, it is important not to use the stuck drill bit.

Another method is to make a testing hole. In this case, the hole would be like a guide to drill a larger one that is suitable for a bolt or screw.

Important tips for wood surfaces

  1. Don’t apply broken drill bits.
  2. You should use a certain type of bit for a certain type of wood material. It is necessary to choose the proper drill bits.
  3. Try to drill quickly to escape splintering and hole blowouts.
  4. Never forget to cool down drill bits when you make holes in hardwood.
  5. As for hardwoods, you should apply a professional drill to do quality holes.

Important tips for hard surfaces

  1. Firstly, users need to select proper drill bits to avoid a stuck drill bit.
  2. As for concrete and metal surfaces, consumers should drill at low speed to escape overheating and breaking drill bits.
  3. Also, choose a suitable kind of bit for every surface, for example, a stone bit for concrete and a twist bit for metal. Soon you will know the algorithm of how to escape the stuck drill bit.
  4. Apart from it, people can apply a special coolant regarding the drilling approach and kind of surface. And users may use a few oil drops while they drill holes in metal. As for concrete, there should be used some water and this makes the work easy.

Other tips are as follows:

  1. People need to apply quality and sharp drill bits always. And it prevents a stuck drill bit.
  2. Just try to drill quickly to avoid splintering and blowouts of a hole.
  3. When you make many holes in hardwood take breaks to cool down the bit.

Some tools have a function of drill bit counterclockwise.

How do you get a broken drill out of wood? Detailed instructions.

To do it properly it seems that you need to use a pair pliers which are included in the screw extractor kit.

So, what to do if people don’t have this tool then they need to get something with jaws that are big enough to catch the drill chuck. To release the bit you should twist the chuck.

By the way, you have to connect the power drill correctly. And users also have some alternative ways to pliers, for example, a vice.

Well, let’s get started to view the algorithm:

1. Grab the special pliers on the drill chuck

Make the jaws of the pliers opened to clamp the drill chuck. Next, you need to tighten the tool on the chuck. By the way, every user should have a screw extractor kit and power drill.

Keep in mind that the vice grip and pliers are metal, and the chuck is plastic that’s why it can damage the chuck. So make sure to avoid scrapping this drill element.

Of course, some people don’t care about it but some consumers could wrap the chuck in a rag or a towel before grabbing the pliers. It may loose the clamp but anyway, people still can have the possibility to take proper leverage to get the stuck bit out. Besides it, later you will know more about the spade drill bit.

2. Make the pliers counter-clockwise

Rotate the tool counter-clockwise when you apply the vice grip and pliers. Then it seems that people need to rotate the drill but not vice and because it is attached to the workbench. Try to do it carefully to avoid drill bit break.

All of this should help to loosen the bit and open the chuck.

3. Remove the drill bit from the drill

So, after making the above measures the bit should be loose and get out from the material. However, it can be twisted if the bit wasn’t correctly aligned in the chuck in the first place.

Besides it, do you know what is spade drill bit? We need to note that if you use pliers to wiggle the bit it may make the bit dull. If it is cheap, so you simply shrug about it but if users use expensive drill bits people need to care.

How to remove a drill bit from wood, a wall, or other material – additional details

Generally speaking, removing a stuck drill bit from a drill is not strongly different than removing a stuck drill bit from the material. In both cases, you need to increase leverage to turn the bit.

It is necessary to note that when people try to get out a drill bit from a drill they direct the strength to the chuck. But when users remove a bit from wood, they direct the force on the bit itself. By the way, do you know about the spade drill bit?

Consumers need to apply pliers as drill bits are smaller than a chuck. Also vice will perform well.

Follow the next steps:

  1. Grab the pliers to the shank of the drill bit

We should note that if people grab near the base of the item, it makes more leverage. But there is part of the bit which is exposed and twisty and hence the clamping may dull the bit. Meanwhile, you should do routine drill maintenance for lasting its life.

So, you can select what approach is closer to you because each one has its own advantages and drawbacks. Meanwhile, many users are drilling multiple holes that’s why the topic of the article is important.

If you have stuck drill bits below information also will be useful for you, so just go down.

One important tip is that it is necessary to put the pliers perpendicular to the bit, not get it under a smooth line. Anyway, soon you will understand how to decide drill bits stuck problem.

  1. Turn the pliers counter-clockwise

Rotate the pliers counterclockwise to loosen the element. This method fits for example for removing the bit from the wall you just put the pliers on the left side of the item it allows to push down. So, the jammed drill bit will be removed finally.

  1. Remove the drill bit

Now people have good chances to remove the element in a short time from drill bit material. Otherwise, they can go on to unscrew it applying the pliers while there is a jammed drill bit.

How to remove a broken drill bit from wood, a wall, or other material

Well, users tried to apply the above methods, and realize what? This component is broken indeed. And hence you are thankful that our article gave enough information about drill bit broke.

It is necessary to note that small-diameter bits break with more frequency than other sizes. Therefore it becomes clear why manufacturers sell such elements in multi-packs since they are strongly expected to break.

So, what should you do if you have a jammed drill?

Some Basic Techniques

  1. First of all, you should decide if it is necessary to get it out. We mean that you need to determine if your bit as another stuck drill cannot work properly.
  2. So, then users need to grab some pliers and apply them as described in the above block of information in the article. The drill bit shank must be removed. Anyway, try to avoid the drill bit sticking out.
  3. Maybe consumers will not be able to hold the locking pliers perpendicular as we said but they likely can clamp the bit to twist it out from the material. Meanwhile, you should take care of the drilling head.

Drilling Out the Bit (The Official approach)

Eventually, if the bit is stuck in the material you really need to take it out with pliers that’s why you should drill it out as the best solution. But this approach is not suitable for walls. By the way, do you hear about the screw extractor method? It also removes a drill bit.

So, this is a detailed algorithm to drill out a bit:

  1. Flip the material over, and drill a hole exactly where the bit is placed

This way will help users to take the bit from the other side. Also, the size of the hole should be big enough to put a screw into it. What can we do else to remove a drill bit?

You need to note that a couple of drill bits could touch at some point and it makes them dull. One of them will be broken however you can use another one in the opposite direction or opposite side.

  1. Hammer a screwdriver against the drill bit

People should put a screwdriver into a new hole, and knock it against the bit. This action can get the drill bit out of the hole. By the way, you always should use well-maintained drill bits.

Screw Extractor Method

Also, consumers can use a special screw tool to extract broken drill bits. But experts have some doubts about this approach.

They tested it and as a result, they can’t take the drill bit out with this tool at all. Probably the reason is a too cheap product but who knows.

Besides it, this way is working only with a larger diameter drill bit. Therefore, a smaller diameter can get enough to make a difference.

Meanwhile, check the opposite side maybe it is a stuck drill bit there too.

Anyway, below the algorithm is:

  1. Drill a small hole in the top of the broken drill bit

The main target, in this case, is to make a hole to insert the screw extractor. The drill bit consumers use has to be a few sizes smaller than the drill bit which is stuck.

By the way, by drilling perpendicular, you can get the bit out.

Apart from it, we can note that some screw extractor sets have a bit on the opposite side of the screw extractor. This allows using spade drills for example.

  1. Put the screw extractor into the drill

Set the side of the screw extractor wrench into the drill and try to tighten the chuck. Meanwhile, don’t forget you can do a pilot hole as we discussed earlier in the article.

  1. Extract broken drill bit

Put the screw extractor tool into the hole which was drilled before. Next, start to drill a drill bit with counter-clockwise rotation. The pilot hole allows you to get it out in a short time.

Finally, the screw extractor will help to pull the broken bit out.

An Untried Idea

If the above-mentioned ideas don’t work we can offer the one that will be used next time when we will have a broken bit. By the way, you should do the correct depth that helps to get a bit out.

This method is that users should drill larger holes. Next, probably people need to carve around the bit with a chisel or sharp tool as well. Meanwhile, lock pliers are also suitable for this case.

Some needle-nosed pliers allow clamping of the broken bit and take the drill bit out from the wood. So, do you know how to avoid hole blowouts?

I also want to remind you if you have a power outage when working with power tools, use a generator.


Why can’t I get the drill bit out?

Possibly it is linked with that you don’t do steps as they were described in the article. Just follow the details and finally, you will get the drill bit out. By the way, you can do it with vise grips.

How do you loosen a stuck drill chuck?

You can do it for example with lock pliers. Such a tool has its advantages and shortcomings but generally, it will help to loosen a stuck drill chuck.

Final thoughts

We hope our information was really helpful and provided you with detailed steps on how to remove a stuck drill bit from wood.

If you have any questions, leave your comments below and share the article with your friends.

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