How to get wood stain off skin?

If you are reading this article, then you have decided to paint the wood and used stain. Have you damaged your skin with a wood stain and now want to get it removed as soon as possible? Then this article is for you! In fact, removing the stain from the skin is not difficult. It only takes time and various tools, such as:

How to get wood stain off skin
  • Solvents;
  • Food grade oil;
  • Food products;
  • Tannic acid;
  • Baking soda;
  • Stain absorber;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Natural oils (vegetable oil, coconut oil, olive oil);
  • White spirit;
  • Mineral spirits;
  • Denatured and rubbing alcohol;
  • Washing soda;
  • Turpentine;
  • Paint thinner;
  • Nail polish remover, makeup remover wipes.

Later in the article we will consider them in more detail.

Now to answer the question “How to get wood stain off skin?” we need to determine what type our spot belongs to.

How to check the type of wood stain

Have you started to panic because a stain of a tree has got on your skin and you are afraid that you will not be able to get rid of it? We can rejoice you, you have come to the right article!

In order to start removing the wood stain from the skin, you need to fulfill the main condition. You need to know exactly the type of skin defect in order to find an effective remedy for it.

Water-based wood stain

On the original container, they often write what the product is made of. This way you can easily tell if a product is water based wood stain.

How to get wood stain off skin

If the label does not indicate whether it is an oil or water base, follow these steps. Moisten a cotton pad with a little alcohol and wipe the stained area. If a stain appears, it is more likely that the stain is made on a water basis.

Oil-based wood stain

As with the water-based wood stain label, check the product label to make sure it is oil-based. If not written, do the following. Spray a small amount of water on the damaged skin area of the wood stain. You will immediately understand that the stain is made on the basis of natural oils (olive oil, vegetable oil) because peculiar oil granules will begin to appear.

How to get wood stain off skin

Congratulations, you have now identified the stain type and can begin the process of removing the wood stain from your skin! In this article, you can learn methods on how to remove wood stain from skin.

How do you get wood stain finisher off your skin?

You can apply all the removal methods and solutions from the wood stain process that will be described in this article. Below you can find different ways to remove stain from leather.

How to get wood stain off skin?

Wood stain is considered one of the most difficult substances to remove from leather. It should be removed as soon as possible because it dries quickly and there is a risk that it will harden on your skin for a long time. Almost immediately after the stain touches your skin, you can wash it off with soap and water.

But if you drag on and the stain has dried up, what to do.

So, in order to remove stain from the skin, use the following substances.

Method 1 – Solvents

A solvent is a substance that is capable of dissolving various heavy substances.

It is one of the most necessary components for film formation. In this case, to form a film on the skin, which will help remove the annoying wood stain.

How to get wood stain off skin

Solvents (also mineral spirits) can be considered the most effective means of cleaning wood stains from the skin. White spirit and paint thinner are excellent examples.

  • First, moisten a cotton pad or cloth with solvent and apply to the skin.
  • After rubbing, wash the affected area with soap and water.

Method 2 – Food products

Let me guess, you have baking soda and white vinegar in the kitchen? Probably the answer is yes! And if so, then you can easily remove morlika from the skin.

  • Mix baking soda with water and make a kind of paste.
  • Apply the paste to the skin and wash with soap and water.
  • The spots were gone.
How to get wood stain off skin

You can also try regular white vinegar.

  • Apply it to a cloth and rub it on the stained area of ​​skin.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.

Method 3 – Turpentine

Many people have not even heard of such a word as turpentine. But in vain, because turpentine is a great way to remove wood stains from the skin. Turpentine is widely used as a solvent for paints and varnishes, in particular, it is widely used in the chemical industry and even in medicine. This is a liquid with a pungent odor, obtained by distilling the resin of coniferous plants.

How to get wood stain off skin

Turpentine is very effective in case of wood stains on the skin. It is natural and will not harm your skin.

  • Wet a cloth with turpentine and wipe the affected area of the skin of the wood stain.
  • After a couple of minutes, you will see how the stain of the tree has disappeared!

Method 4 – Acetone nail polish remover and paint thinner

Most likely, you, your girlfriend or mother have nail polish remover at home, or as it is also called acetone (also suitable for rubbing alcohol). It is not particularly harmful, but quickly evaporates. So, if you have acetone, do the following.

  • Wet a cotton pad or cloth with acetone and rub the wood stain on your skin.
  • If the acetone has evaporated, rewet and rub the affected area of the wood stain on the skin.
How to get wood stain off skin

Method 5 – Tannic acid

Did you know that tannic acid was originally used to treat severe burn injuries? This acid significantly reduced the death rate during wars. Now tannic acid is used in a variety of industries and is a great way to remove wood stain on skin!

Tannic acid is an excellent choice for cleaning wood stain on skin. Apply tannic acid (whisky will also work) to the affected area of the wood stain on the skin. Wipe with wet wipes or rinse with water.

How to get wood stain off skin

Method 6 – Baking soda

Baking soda works like washing soda ash in removing wood stain.

  • To use baking soda to clean your skin, put one part of water in a bowl and add the baking soda to it.
  • Mix well to get a smooth textured paste.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to apply the paste to the affected area.
  • Rub gently until the stain is gone.
  • Wash the area with soap and water to remove wood stain.

Method 7 – Lemon Acid

Citric acid comes in powder form and can be used as a cleaning method in just a few simple steps.

  • Make a kind of porridge paste by mixing citric acid with water.
  • Make the slurry as thick as possible and apply to the wood stain.
  • Leave the mixture on your skin for a while and rinse with warm water.
How to get wood stain off skin

Method 8 – Stain absorber

A stain absorber is one effective way to remove wood stains from leather. You can mix sand with a stain absorber into a paste and apply wood stains to the affected skin area. Wipe this place with a rag and you will be surprised that the stain is gone!

How do you clean stain off your hands?

Many people ask themselves the question – which wood stain removal solution to choose, chemical or natural?

There is no definite answer, but we can only say that the chemical solution will remove the stain faster and without much effort.

But at the same time it is more harmful. For safer cleaning, it is better to choose natural solutions, so it will be safer. Below you can find solutions with which you can clean the skin of the wood stain.

Natural oils

We all love to bake various pastries and use vegetable or olive oil in the kitchen. If you are reading this article, then you are faced with the problem of wood stain on the skin. We can rejoice you, because with the help of natural oils you can get rid of them!

How to get wood stain off skin

Did you know that natural oils (vegetable oil) are great for removing wood stain on skin? If not, then you should definitely try this method! It is highly likely that you have vegetable or olive oil at home. They will fit perfectly.

  • Leave the oil on the wood stain on your skin for a couple of minutes
  • Then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a towel.
  • The wood stains are gone!


An excellent household remedy for removing wood stain from the skin is the well-known mineral spirits. In the store, it is cheap and therefore many resort to this method. Follow the instructions below to thoroughly remove wood stain from your skin.

How to get wood stain off skin
  • Find a white cloth or white cotton pad and moisten with a solution of mineral spirits.
  • Rub the area of ​​​​skin affected by the stain in a circular motion, gradually moving towards the middle.
  • In almost five minutes, your skin will be cleansed and regain its former appearance.

Denatured alcohol (Rubbing alcohol)

Denatured alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) is intended for diluting varnishes and various impurities, as well as for degreasing, cleaning and washing various surfaces. But not only surfaces, because denatured alcohol is also suitable for removing wood stains from leather.

Rubbing alcohol does a great job of removing wood stain on skin like no other. Wipe the area affected by the wood stain with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Stain Absorber

Another way to remove the stain from the skin can be considered a stain absorber.

  • Mix the stain absorber with sand or clay and rub the resulting mixture onto the damaged area of the skin.
  • The mixture will be absorbed into the skin and tear off the annoying stain from the skin.
  • You can also add a chemical cleaning solution to the mixture for greater effectiveness.

Washing soda

Did you know that the main difference from soda ash is that soda is odorless and has a stronger alkaline treatment? So, this is also one of the effective ways to remove stains from the skin, which we will consider in this article.

How to get wood stain off skin

Another great way to remove wood stain from skin is soda ash. To cleanse your skin, follow the instructions below.

  • Mix one often soda with three parts water.
  • Next, wipe the damaged skin with a cloth soaked in this solution.
  • Wash with soap and water.

Washing ash

Did you know that washing ash, or as it is also called soda ash or fly ash, is pretty good at getting wood stain off skin? If not, then keep the instructions for cleaning your skin of wood stain with washing ash.

  • Start by mixing one part ash with three parts water. Stir thoroughly until you get a homogeneous solution similar to porridge.
  • Pour the resulting solution onto a cloth or cotton pad and wipe the wood stain on the skin.
  • After cleansing, thoroughly wash the affected area with soap and water and dry with a clean towel.

Does dish soap remove wood stain?

Is it possible to remove wood stain from skin with regular household dish soap detergent? And our answer is yes!

How to get wood stain off skin

Step 1

This is quite possible if you mix dish soap detergent and water in a bowl.

Step 2

If necessary, you can also add regular washing powder.

Step 3

Make a mixture, but mix gently so that there are no extra bubbles.

Step 4

Mix powder and dishwashing detergent according to your skin type and the degree of wood stain on your skin. If the wood stain on the skin is small, you can only use dishwashing detergent.

Step 5

Apply the resulting liquid to the wood stain on the skin and rub in a circular motion with a hard towel or sponge.

Step 6

After this “ritual”, cool the affected cleaned area and spread the cream.

Preventing skin wood stain

In order to avoid various embarrassments and keep your skin clean and unharmed, you need to take precautions. Do not delay with such a problem as getting wood stain on the skin. It is important to remove the wood stain as soon as possible before it hardens and becomes like a stone. Below we have described several ways to protect yourself from getting stain on your skin when staining wood.

  1. Gloves. Be sure to wear gloves! This is the safest prevention, because when staining, it is the hands that are considered the most vulnerable spot. Put on gloves as long as possible to make sure that the wood stain does not get on your skin.
  2. Mask. Put on any mask (even a medical mask will do) to protect your smooth skin from annoying stains.
  3. Protective glasses. Wood stains are quite toxic and can damage your eyes to the point of blinding them. It is important not to neglect this point so as not to run into eye problems, because it is easier to remove a stain of wood from the skin than from the eyes.
  4. Clothes with long sleeves. While working with stain, you need to carefully take care of your safety. Long-sleeved clothing will keep you from getting wood stains on your skin.

In this article, we will show how to lighten stained wood at home using several ways. Let us consider peculiarities of each of the methods and the preferred variants of their application.

Tips and Tricks for Removing Wood Stains on skin

Tip 1

Before applying various solutions, be sure to wipe the contaminated area of ​​your skin. This is necessary in order to increase the pigments on the skin and exfoliate well.

Tip 2

For the best effect, you can add some beach sand to the bristles of your brush. This will intensify cleaning and the stain will come off your skin faster.

Tip 3

If the stain is also due to varnish, a good way is to use peanut butter. For a little over a minute, massage the area of ​​​​your skin in a circular motion and the stain will most likely come off.

Tip 4

White spirit is considered to be a universal cleaning agent. It is effective for removing blemishes on the skin. But use it with caution because it is very pungent and may not suit your skin type.

Should I be concerned about wood stains on my skin?

Should I be worried about a wood stain on my skin? Wood stains by their type can be carcinogenic and neurotoxic due to the high content of chemicals. But don’t worry. This stain is not permanent and you won’t have to look at it for the rest of your life. Human skin has the ability to regenerate cells and eventually the stain will come off.

In this article, you have learned to determine your skin type, the type of wood stain, and you have listed the main and main methods and ways to remove wood stains from the skin.

We started with products and ended with chemicals and mineral spirits. Henceforth, be careful and do not let this annoying substance get on your beautiful skin. If you have friends who are experiencing the same problem, please share this article with them.

Be careful!

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