How to get nail polish off wood?

Experimenting with manicures or other crafts involving fingernail polish can lead to unwanted stains on the wood, and the polish ends up not only on your nails but also on your table or wood floors. How to get rid of spilled nail polish stains without damaging the wood?

How to get nail polish off wood?
How to get nail polish off wood?

How to remove nail polish stain from wood floors

All sorts of accidents often happen with wood floors, so you need to know as much as possible about them so as not to damage them. Coatings can be of various types, so find out in advance so that in case of damage, everything can be restored as it was.

How to get rid of nail polish?

If the stain is still fresh, use white sugar to absorb the polish.

Remove the stain with gentle movements along the fibers, then use a clean wet cloth to completely clean the floor.

The white sugar method is safe on all types of wood and wood flooring because the sugar will not damage the finish. Be careful if you want to remove a varnish stain by simply wiping it off the floor, as you can cause the nail polish to sink deep into the wood structure.

  1. It is better to just sprinkle the nail polish spills with a little sugar.
  2. The sugar should completely cover the spots.
  3. The sugar will bond with the nail polish, and you will get large clumps.
  4. Once the clumps are completely dry and hard, use a soft brush to remove the dirt.
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Removing Nail Polish Wood Stain With Rubbing Alcohol


Step 1

Take a sponge and pour some alcohol on its rough side. Scrub the stain with a sponge and try not to touch the surrounding paint. Rub the stain in small circular motions.

Step 2

Don’t use too much pressure and keep in mind that it may take several minutes to completely remove the polish. Moisten the sponge as needed.

Step 3

Once you’ve removed as much of the polish as possible, wash it off with warm water and dish soap. Soak a soft cloth in the solution and gently wipe the stained surface.

Step 4

Dry the area. After cleaning the wood floor, wipe it with a soft cloth to dry completely.

How to get nail polish off wood?

Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits may be stronger than alcohol, but it is safer than acetone. The same instructions apply to this method as to rubbing alcohol. Gently dab the stains with a cotton swab soaked in mineral spirits.

Whether you want to remove polish from wooden furniture or hardwood floors, here are some tips to help you remove polish from wood:

Tips on how to remove nail polish from wood and hardwood floors

Understand what you are dealing with. Due to its porous texture, wood can take on more color than it seems. Some types of wood are more porous than others.

Oak has an extremely porous texture, especially when compared to birch, maple, and so on. The coating on the wood should protect it from all sorts of stains and damage, but the nail polish can still eat into the structure of the tree.

It is easiest to remove nail polish stains when it is still wet. Just use a cotton swab and wipe off the nail polish with a gentle pressure. Soak up as much polish as you can before using cleaning agents suitable for removing nail polish.

Although rubbing alcohol is a proven nail polish remover, your skill and how gentle you are can determine the final result. Use a soft, clean sponge soaked in cleaning agent such as nail polish remover and move along the grain of the wood. Rub gently because if you overdo it, you can damage the floor’s finish.

You can remove the nail polish without using harsh chemicals such as rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, just by using a gentler version of a steel wool sponge. With light movements in the direction of the wood fibers of hardwood floors.

If you do go overboard, mark the bare wood with wood markers available at most hardware stores. Also, you can lightly sand the unfinished area and then apply an oil-based urethane using a soft brush.

It is best to refrain from using acetone-based remover as it can damage the wood’s finish, and you’ll have to do a major refinishing job to restore the coating using paint brushes. If you use nail polish remover, opt for a non acetone based brand. Perform spot test beforehand to make sure that your hardwood flooring is safe.

If the nail polish stain is very large and serious, you can resort to the services of specialists.

How to get nail polish off wood?

How do you get nail polish off wood without removing finish?

Alcohol can remove lacquer stains without damaging the finish. You just need to wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in alcohol. Sugar is also very good, it will absorb wet polish and will not damage either the wood floor or its coating.

Can you get nail polish remover off wood?

You can use an aerosol lacquer thinner and let it sit until it’s completely dry. Sand it lightly with steel wool. Be gentle and repeat the process until the surface of wood flooring or wood furniture is completely smooth and clean.

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How do you get nail polish off wood without rubbing alcohol?

There is an option with mineral spirits, which is good for not damaging the finish of your hardwood floors and works similarly as rubbing alcohol.

Does hairspray remove nail polish from wood?

Direct the stream of hairspray from the aerosol to the stain. When spraying, grab an area slightly larger than the stain. After a minute, wipe the dirt with a soft cloth. If the first time did not work, repeat the procedure as many times as necessary. In the same way, you can remove stains from the floor.

If a drop of nail polish has fallen on a wooden table and has had time to dry, it will be easy to wash it off. In this case, nail polish remover will not save the situation, but will aggravate the situation—it will leave new marks on the wood. Instead, take your regular hairspray and spritz it on the stain. Wait half a minute and wipe the varnish off the wood with a tissue.

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Do not attempt to clean wood surfaces with nail polish remover. This will only make the situation worse! Even if the liquid removes the varnish, it will destroy the protective coating.

Be sure to test your product on an inconspicuous, small area before cleaning your clothing or carpet.

Do not hesitate to seek for professional service. Specialists can save your hardwood floors and furniture without damaging it.

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