How to fix a squeaky wood bed frame? A step-to-step guide

At some point, anyone can face the problem of the squeaky bed frame. It is quite annoying and frustrating. There are a lot of reasons that can cause this issue. A squeaky bed has to be fixed, otherwise, it is going to affect your sleep which might result in other health issues.

In this article, we will discuss possible reasons for your wooden bed frame to make a squeaky noise and how to fix a squeaky bed.

The most common reasons for the bed squeak

A wooden bed frame and a mattress will get wear and tear over time, resulting in squeaking. You have to determine what causes the issue before trying to sort it out. Below is the list of the most common causes of the squeaky bed.

1. The box spring has worn out

Over time, you might experience a box spring making a noise due to the fact that the fabric material stretches and the wooden parts of the bed dry out.

The problem might also be because the springs are not being spread evenly, resulting in them touching and making a noise.

Loose coils are another reason for the squeaky box spring to be loud. If they stick out of the mattress, they will be touching each other, resulting in noise as well.

To fix this, you will need to start by tightening the bolts and lubricating the parts of the bed frame.

2. Incorrectly assembled wooden bed frames

Wooden bed frames are known for wearing off faster than metal bed frames. If the parts where the wooden frame connects are not assembled properly, it can lead to a squeaky noise.

It is possible to fix a squeaky bed frame by using candle wax.

You just have to apply some wax onto the areas where the bolts connect to the bed frame. Once it is done, the noise will stop.

3. Loose bolts

This issue often occurs with a metal bed frame. If you have a metal bed frame, the loose bolts might be the reason for the squeaking sound. In this case, the solution will be tightening the bolts.

4. Broken bed slats

The bed slats are important as they provide support for the mattress. They have to be in a perfect state to serve the purpose. If one of the slats breaks, it can cause the bed squeak. The only possible resolution will be to replace the damaged slat with a new one.

5. The floor is not flat

If the bed frame is placed on an uneven floor, the rocking can be the cause of the squeaky bed. You can try fixing the squeaky wooden bed by sticking some cardboard or plywood underneath one of the bed’s legs to make it stable.

6. Dirt underneath the mattress

Too much dust accumulated in different areas of the bed frame and the mattress can also result in the bed squeaking. Make sure you clean the bed and the mattress regularly to avoid this issue.

How to fix a squeaky bed?

As the squeaky bed disturbs your sleep, it is important to know how you sort this out. Below are the instructions on how to fix a squeaky bed, based on the source of the problem.

1. Checking the bed frame

Start with investigating what causes the issue. It is either a squeaky mattress or a squeaky wooden bed frame. Check out the floor padding, the bed slats, the loose joints of the bed frame, and the loosened bolts.

2. Cleaning and lubricating

As you know from the information above, dirt can be the cause of unwanted noises, make sure you clean your bed. You can use a vacuum cleaner to reach all the difficult spots.
Once you have finished cleaning the creaky bed, it is time to oil everything. You can use a WD-40 lubricant on all the joints and other parts of the bed that connect.

3. Using the tack strips

If you have cleaned the bed and lubricated the squeaky wooden bed frame parts, but you still experience the noise, try using the strips.

Purchase the special strips from a hardware store and stick them onto the parts of the frame that connect together. That way you will ensure the frame will not move and will be as one piece.

4. Cushioning the bed slats

Moving on the bed can cause the slats to rub against the frame, which will be noisy. You have to reduce friction. It can be done by placing an old towel, old t-shirt, old socks, or any other thin fabric materials between the slats and the frame.

5. Flipping the mattress

If you have discovered you have a squeaky mattress, before heading to the store to purchase a new mattress, you can try the following.

Start with flipping the mattress. The squeaky box spring will settle in different positions, which might do the trick and sort the mattress squeak. You can also try turning the squeaky mattress periodically to change the way the weight is spread across the surface.

6. Replacing the broken parts

That is obvious, to fix a squeaky bed any broken parts have to be either fixed or replaced. If you can not do it yourself, you will have to contact the bed repair services, unless your bed is still under warranty. In this case, contact the place you have purchased the bed from.

7. Padding of the floors

For the wobbly bed, we would recommend to add floor padding underneath the unstable part of the bed. This is a good trick to fix a squeaky bed if the floors in your house aren’t completely flat.

8. Purchasing a new bed frame

This step is the fallback when nothing has helped. Wooden beds are known for failing way sooner than metal beds due to the properties of wood.

If you can afford to purchase a new bed or a new mattress, we would suggest using this option.

You will be able to choose a mattress that will suit you better and will have different box spring. It is advisable to not save on mattresses, as your sleep and your health depend on them.

What bed frame is better: a wooden one or a metal one?

If you are wondering what frame is better, there is no definite answer as it is all about your preferences. They both have their benefits and drawbacks.

The metal frames are cheaper and lighter, so it is easier to maneuver them if need be. They are also solid and will unlikely to have a problem with loose joints. Metal frames often make noises due to the loosened bolts, though.

The wooden frames look more stylish and presentable. They are heavier than metal ones. The price difference is substantial. Wooden bed frames are less likely to develop annoying noises.

It all depends on your finances and your liking, but the wooden frame is the most popular choice.


How do you stop a wooden bed frame from creaking?

The issue of the squeaky bed usually can be fixed by eliminating the problem of the bed frames parts touching each other. Start with investigating what is making the noise, then use our guide to sort the issue out.

How do I stop my bed base from squeaking?

After you have determined what is causing the concern, start fixing it using the information above. Sometimes moving the bed and sticking the padding will help when the squeak is caused by the type of floors you have.

How do I make my Ikea bed less squeaky?

Inspect the bed and check whether all the screws and bolts are tightened. If you find the loose ones, you have to screw them as tight as possible. Often, that helps to fix a squeaky bed.

What is the best lubricant for wood bed frame?

One of the most popular lubricants are paraffin, WD-40, and silicone lubricant. Most likely, you have a can of WD-40. Use it to spray the joints of the squeaky bed frame.

To summarize

If your bed makes a horrible sound, don’t get upset. Now you know what can be the problem and how to fix a squeaky wooden frame. Determine, what causes the noise and use one of the methods described in the article above. If the reason for the noise is the box springs inside the mattress, that also can be fixed.

If the information was helpful, and you have fixed your squeaky bed frame, share it with your friends. For any questions left, contact us in the comment section below.

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