How to clean unfinished wood floors – 6 useful methods

Unfinished wood floor an attractive as well as a natural version for the purpose of your building, however they call for the most maintenance than other types of unfinished wood floor spraying.

Unfinished voids do not prefer hostile chemicals in any way, which have every chance of spoiling the wood, for this reason it is important to find out which materials used, and also the methods are considered the best.

In order to clean the unfinished wood floor, you need to use wine, water and a mop.

This cleaning method is flawless, due to the fact that it is natural and also will not spoil your floors in any way.

How To Clean Unfinished Wood Floors: 6 Ways

Here are 6 methods you can use when cleaning your unfinished wooden floors:

1. Use Vinegar and Hot Water

First, you will wish to prepare a cleaning mixture. Add 1 cup of snow-white vinegar to a free cleaned container. Then pour a unit of hot water into the container.

You will be able to prepare more or less cleansing money according to the facet of the need, the presence of the circumstance, that you stick to this compliance.

The presence of unfinished wood floor washing with this substance make sure that you are wearing gloves and safety glasses. Dip the mop into the cleaning mixture, and then squeeze it well.

Bathe the voids with circular movements, trying to get into all the hidden corners without exception. Allow the unfinished wood floor step to dry completely, first of all rather than go according to the village.

This method is not dangerous for the purpose of absolutely all types of unfinished wood floors. Wine is not dangerous for use in unfinished wood floors, but it is not necessary to combine wine together with ammonia or bleach.

This cleaning method is perfectly suitable for those who are looking for an acceptable as well as natural version of cleaning their own unfinished wood floors. This is reliable for the purpose of domestic animal, child and allergy sufferers.

Wine and warm moisture are dissimilar cleansing resources for the purpose of unfinished wood flooring, due to the fact that they are easily accessible according to cost, natural and also not dangerous for the purpose of domestic animal as well as child.

Warm moisture can help to remove various dirt or garbage, which have every chance of sticking to the unfinished wood floor, in this case, the period as well as wine can help to disinfect and also wash voids.

2. Use Murphy’s Oil Soap

Murphy’s oil-pumping soap products are a universal cleaning method that can be reliably used in unfinished wood flooring.

This can help to remove dirt and waste along with the coat tails, at the same time disinfecting the wood.

This is a nice way that is reliable for the purpose of application in absolutely all types of unfinished wood flooring spraying, including all, without exception, finished as well as unfinished parquet voids.

This is a reliable version for the purpose of those who are looking for a non-toxic solution for the purpose of the whole family.

For the purpose of the base, add 4 absolute caps of Murphy’s oil pump washer to a gallon container filled with hot water.

Then add 8 ounces of snow-white vinegar to the container, first of all, rather than washing the cavities.

This is an excellent washing method for the purpose of those who exactly want to use a universal cleaning method for the purpose of their own unfinished wood flooring.

Murphy’s oil-pumping soap products and snow-white wine are a strong combination if the problem reaches up to the deepest cleansing of your unfinished wood floors!

Oil-pumping soap products can help remove dirt along with the coat tails, in which case the period is the same as wine disinfects for damp cloth.

This method is able to keep a small cover in your unfinished hardwood floors, but it is possible to simply destroy it with moistened matter.

3. Remove Stains With TSP

TSP is a home cleaning method that can be found in every home shopping center.
This is an impeccable method of purification for the purpose of those who have preserved strong or concentrated spots in unfinished wood floors.

It is reliably used in unfinished wood floors, and also someone is effective in removing numerous types of stains.

The method is able to eliminate concentrated specks initiated by mold and fat in static dust mop.

You will need a container filled with water, soap products for the purpose of washing dishes, a tablespoon of washing detergent (mainly of a small type), as well as a sanding pad or a brush for cleaning wood floors.

You are also required to wear gloves, so as well as this element is able to burn your skin.
First, mix a teaspoon and soap products for the purpose of washing dishes in a huge dose filled with warm water. You will need 1/4 cup of a teaspoon per unit of water.

Do not lose sight of actively mixing the composition in order for the tablespoon to completely dissolve.

Then dip the brush or cork into the mixture and also apply it in order to carefully scrape off all kinds of spots along with your unfinished floors covering.

Be sure to wipe off excess moisture after that, as well as finish cleaning in any part of the building.

Be careful not to throw puddles of water in the wood floor in any way, so they have every chance of spoiling or discoloring your unfinished wood voids.

Upon completion of cleaning, wash the treated area with the purest water.

This method is not dangerous for the purpose of absolutely all types of unfinished parquet and laminate unfinished floors.

4. Use Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits are a common cleaning method that is well suited for the purpose of leaky finished wood floors.

It can be used for the purpose of pulling out dirt and garbage together with the tail, at the same time helping to disinfect unfinished floors.

This is able to help remove specks initiated by mold, dirt, and oil.

Mineral spirits can be found in the bulk of grocery or home shopping centers, as well as they can be reliably used in cleaning unfinished wood floors.

The only disadvantage of using mineral spirits in this case is that the aroma can be very powerful and also restraining.

First of all, before you start using mineral spirits, make sure that your home is as well as possible properly ventilated before the cleaning process.

Connect the fans and also, according to the ability, open the windows as well as the door. Try not to allow third-party people into the station in any way, in which place you work, especially the child and also clean unfinished wood.

Mineral spirits are usually issued in a can or a spray bottle.

To purchase ethanol in a bottle together with a sprayer or to pour the mixture into another is the easiest method of operation together with this provision, which guarantees measured infliction at wood floor.

This is an impeccable method for the purpose of those who exactly want to remove solid or concentrated specks from their own cleaning unfinished wood floors.

5. Use Dawn Dish Soap With Water

In order to clean unfinished wood floors, it is possible to use gentle soap products, similar to soap products for washing Dawn dishes, in untreated wood floor.

The combination of laundered as well as water effectively eliminates dirt, grease and other waste along with wooden floor covering in cleaning process.

The key here is to apply a very small number of washes according to the relationship to here and also observe because of clean unsealed wood floors, so that a very large amount of water does not appear in the cavities in hardwood floors.

This can help to avoid getting wet as well as violation of the wooden floor.

This method can be used in absolutely all types of unfinished wood floors, without damaging them in any way.

This is also a reliable way, what makes it perfect for the purpose of those with whom there are guys as well as unfinished wood floor shine.

6. Use Ice To Remove Gum and Gunk

Unfinished wood planks for the purpose of the tail have every chance of being spoiled by chewing gum as well as other adhesive elements for unfinished flooring.

If this happens, it is important to remove the element as accurately as possible, first of all, rather than it will be a stable component of your unfinished hardwood floor covering.

For the purpose of this, without exception, what you will need is a little ice, as well as a plastic set or a jewelry deep cleaning towel (so that the ice does not spoil the planes in the housing in any way).

Place the ice in a plastic set or among 2 non-thick clean towels, then place it on top of the chewing gum.

After about 10 minutes, scrape the fragments together with the support of a knife for the purpose of oil or a spatula for deep cleaning.

You will also be able to use this method in order to pull out candle wax together with your floors, if this follows.

How to Prepare Your Unfinished Floor for Cleaning

Before you start cleaning unfinished wooden floors, there are a few things you should do to prepare them.

1. Ventilate and Prepare the Room

As well as possible ventilate the building more. According to the ability, connect the fans, open the windows and also the door. Send all objects without exception, which have every chance of being spoiled by moisture or spills.

Remove as much furniture from the room as possible, especially if you are working in a huge area of the plane. This will be able to help guarantee a free analysis of your floor covering, as well as ensure that you do not overlook any 1st zone in which place the period had the opportunity to collect dirt.

2. Safely Prepare for Cleaning

When using various cleansing money, put on gloves as well as eye protection resources. You will also be able to use a mask or a respirator in order to exclude the inhalation of fumes, especially if you use rottisite alcohols.

If you are using a washing mixture that requires rinsing, prepare a container together with the purest water and a clean towel. Make sure that the plane is completely dried, if you complete it, in order to avoid all kinds of defects or destruction.

3. Remove Large Chunks of Dirt

Sweep out the cavities in order to remove all, without exception, large particles of dirt, dust or debris. Use a significant broom, which is possible to move rapidly according to the floor, without catching on in any way.

If there is furniture in the room, spend a certain amount of time in this case, in order to move it and also remove it near it. This can help guarantee the elimination of the whole dirt and dust, and in no way only together with the floor covering plane.

4. Remove Fine Dust From the Floor

Use a dry mop or an electric vacuum cleaner for the purpose of hard wood floors, in order to remove all small dust particles without exception. This will be able to help ensure that the cleaning procedure proceeds smoothly, in the absence of scratches, as well as your cavities will remain in excellent condition after that, as well as you finish.

This can also help to avoid the penetration of these small elements into the airspace as well as their precipitation in your floor, as soon as you become a cleaning.

5. Test Your Cleaning Solution

You are also obliged to test all kinds of cleaning resources in an inconspicuous place of your tail before using them, in order to make sure that they do not spoil the plane in any way.

For the purpose of this, outline a small amount of solution in the sphere that is not noticeable enough. Save it for 5 minutes, then wipe it with the purest cloth. If the wood is still wet, without exception, or appears to be spoiled after wiping, do not use this particular washing mixture in any way for the purpose of your floor compensation.

Do not lose sight of carefully wash the tested sphere in order to exclude subsequent defects.

Chapter FAQs

What is the best for cleaning unfinished wood?

Wipe the dust off the wooden surface with a soft, dry cloth. Thoroughly vacuum all parts of the furniture.

To wipe the wooden countertop, use a rubber sponge – it will clean the furniture more thoroughly.

For deep cleaning, moisten a cloth with white spirit or kerosene and squeeze to remove excess liquid. Before use, test the effect of the solvent on a hidden piece of furniture. If the solvent is safe, use a moistened cloth to wipe the clean unfinished wood surface. Periodically turn the rag over with the clean side with the spray bottle, as it will absorb all the dirt.

After the wooden table-top or other furniture to be cleaned becomes clean, wipe it with vegetable oil – this will give it shine damp mop.

Can you use Murphy’s oil soap on unfinished wood?

Yes, you can. This oil is great for cleaning untreated hardwood flooring.

How do you clean unsealed painted wood floors?

So, let’s start processing:
Pour water into the bucket. For this procedure, water is not needed at room temperature, but rather hot.
Add 20 ml of vinegar.
– Now, with a clean cloth (preferably microfiber) soaked in our solution, we wash out the painted wood flooring surface.
– As soon as the work at unsealed hardwood floors is finished, the procedure must be repeated.
– In the next 5-7 days, it is necessary to carry out a wet cleaning with a damp clean cloth to remove the remnants of oil stains.


Answering the question, how to clean unfinished wood floors, we want to give additional advice

  • Do not use cleaning products for polished furniture. They can warp the untreated wood surface.
  • Avoid using excessive moisture when cleaning furniture made of untreated wood, as it can swell and warp.
  • For persistent stains, see our guide: How to remove stains from wooden furniture.

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