Best electric pole saw

In order to keep trees safe and save their quality, there is a huge need to regularly clean the cutting of the limbs of it.

If you follow our recommendations you will find that the best solution for such tasks is to use a pole saw. This device is long enough to cut and shear any obstacle on the surface of the tree.

Best electric pole saw - 5 best choices for work

Devices like saws can make your task a million times easier, so don’t be lazy and get one of the best options provided below in this blog. Don’t forget that you need different saws for different tasks, which are also listed below.

If your goal is to get rid of thin branches and leaves, you may not even need an electric saw. Regardless, a pole saw is the best device you can have for dealing with vegetation in your trees, especially over long distances.

This blog is able to help you find the best option and type of saw for trimming different branches and leaves. What is the best electric pole saw among many pole saws?


What are the best electric pole saws?

The Greenworks 20672 is the top corded electric pole saw for 2022. Due to its lightweight, a telescopic pole can extend it up to 15 feet. Its 50V Lithium-ion battery, which is portable and inexpensive to maintain, provides enough power to cut for hours on a single charge, and it makes is the best corded electric pole among others.

Best electric pole saw - 5 best choices for work

Types of Pole Saws

Pole saws come in three primary varieties: corded electric pole saws, gas-powered pole saws, and battery-operated pole saws.

The saw’s price and intended application are both influenced by the type of power. To choose the best pole saw for your landscaping needs, learn more about these three types.

Corded Electric

For customers with tiny yards, a corded electric pole saw is a cheap option. However, users are limited in how much they can cut because it plugs into a power outlet due to the length of an extension cord. Remember that all pole saws make noise, even though the electric saw can work more quietly than gas-powered ones.

Electric pole saw power is measured in amps, and the majority of these saws have a range of 5 to 12 amps, which is strong enough to cut branches with a diameter of 1 to 4 inches.

Electric pole saws aren’t as powerful as gas-powered models because of the corded power in them. It is not so hard to find the best corded electric pole, read more to find your option!


Rechargeable batteries power cordless saws. If customers don’t want to be constrained by the length of an extension cable, they’re a fantastic option for medium-sized to big yards. These quieter than gas-powered pole saws are perfect for branches with a diameter of 3 to 8 inches.

Their power capacity, which varies from 25 to 70 volts and is related to battery size, is measured in volts. The power of the saw increases with the voltage. Pole saws with batteries are often more expensive than those with cords. However, it is much easier to find the best pole saws among the battery-operated ones rather among the gas-powered tools.


A gas-powered pole saw is a good option if there are many trees that need trimming and the user is okay with noise. Engine size for gas saws is expressed in cubic centimeters and ranges from 15 to 45cc. The power of the gas pole saws increases with engine size.

Commercial-grade gas-powered pole saws are frequently used by experts since they can work continuously and cut through branches up to 8 inches in diameter.

A gas pole saws’ increased power is accompanied by a higher cost and additional maintenance needs. Gas-powered saws or a simple gas pole need oil changes and fuel tank refills, unlike electric tools.

What is the best electric pole saw?

  1. The winner – Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Pole Chain Saw

The benefit of utilizing a pole saw is that it enables you to rapidly remove tree branches, among other things, from high places. You’ll have sufficient pole length to complete the task.

We are pleased to inform you that the SWJ00E guarantees a hassle-free experience. Neither a ladder nor much arm extension is required. The extension pole is the best option as it is able to cut even the thick branches of the trees.

This best pole saw has a reach of up to 17 feet! It can remove any unattractive tree limb or branch, and it can even reach the top of any tree or tree branch, which makes it one of the best electric pole saws on this list.

The benefits of Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Pole Chain Saw

The lightweight of this telescoping pole. The last thing you need to be concerned about is feeling stretched as you’re navigating challenging terrain. Nothing can slow you down while using this best pole saw to cut your trees because it is so lightweight.

There are no extraneous components that add weight to Sun Joe because of its thin body and small size. This is a great model to use if you intend to spend the entire day cleaning your yard.

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The Sun Joe has the strongest motor. Now, if it weren’t for the robust 7 amp motor, this telescoping pole saw wouldn’t be the best. You can see for yourself how powerful this tool is, which adds a lot of fun to the trimming process of tree limbs.

Unbelievably, this electric pole saw or a Sun Joe can chop branches or tree limbs up to 8 inches thick. Thanks to the power source of this tool, you should be able to complete easy to moderate jobs with it. Thanks to the tool’s powerful motor, it can even be used as a chainsaw to change things up!

The pros of this pole saw:

  • Chain Lubrication System Automatic
  • Acts as a chainsaw as well
  • Wonderful working height

The cons of this pole saw:

  • The quality can be improved
  1. Runner-Up – Greenworks 20672 Battery-Powered Cordless Pole Saw

To summarize the merits of this device, are simple chain tensioning adjustment, comfortable over-mold grip, and automated chain lubricator, which makes it better than any other best gas pole.

The Cordless Pole Saws. The beauty of using an electric pole saw is its convenience, as we’ve already explained.

What if we told you that things improve, particularly if you’re using a cordless pole saw? Since a battery is all that is required, wires are unnecessary.

Why Greenworks 20672?

One of the best cordless electric pole saws available today is the Greenworks 20672. It’s incredibly portable and light, making it the perfect tool to carry around. This best pole is much better than any other hedge trimmer that you may have in your garden.

You don’t have to be concerned about utilizing extension cables or getting tangled up in your pole saw’s numerous cords. Instead, you can bring extra batteries so that your device will always be operational.

The strong sides of Greenworks 20672 Battery-Powered Cordless Pole Saw

System for Automatic Oiling. It’s true that not many individuals give their electric pole saws the proper care. In the end, it degrades the quality of their gas pole saws over time.

The Greenworks 20672 power tool should make upkeep the least of your concerns. It has an automatic oiling mechanism that maintains a good lubricant on the chain. Other benefits of this pole saw:

  • The battery is compatible with other Greenworks instruments
  • Automated chain lubricator
  • Includes a four-year warranty

The weak sides of this electric pole saw:

  • This power tool is slightly more expensive than other corded electric pole saw
  1. The following product – WORX WG309 Electric Pole Chainsaw

This tool is a dual-purpose pole chainsaw. The WG309’s dual use is one of its main selling points. It combines a pole saw and a chain saw into one unit at a discounted price. That sounds like a good offer if your main goal is to cut limbs with a Worx pole.

You can easily reach high-hanging limbs and branches using the pole saw option. While using the chain saw feature, you can cut the floor-level bushes and shrubs to waist height.

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Given that the cutting head of this saw contains all of its functional characteristics, switching between the two is relatively simple.

What are the key features of this electric pole saw?

Expandable Pole. This tool’s telescopic extension pole is now very useful in cutting falling tree limbs. It may be rotated at any angle, enabling you to consistently make exact cuts. Comparatively speaking, it gives you more accessibility than other electric pole saws.

Additionally, you may easily alter the angle even with the pole saw running. The procedure is secure and simple, which makes this tool the best electric pole saw among others!

Besides that, it is very simple to use. You’ll discover that this electric pole and chain saw are incredibly simple to use despite having an interchangeable saw. It won’t squander any of your valuable time and doesn’t require a steep learning curve, that is why it is one of the best pole saws you may find.

The benefits of this electric pole saw:

  • Simple to use
  • To use as a chainsaw, it is easily detachable from the pole.
  • Excellent Engine Quality Is Quiet

The drawbacks of this pole saw:

  • Tool weight increases when extended
  • The dangers worries
  1. The Longest Electric Pole Saw—Remington Long-Reach Electric Pole Saw

This Remington pole saw boasts one of the longest reaches of any saws, with a quick-release chainsaw head that can be removed and used as a miniature chainsaw. The benefits of the longest electric pole are amazing.

The best electric pole saws have an integrated stabilizer, a slip-resistant grip to lessen fatigue, and a powerful 8 amp motor that can quickly cut through thick branches. Also, this pole extends not only to an overhead reach, but much higher in its fully extended reach.

When completely extended, it does obviously become very hefty due to its length, but as one pleased customer said, “My husband really enjoyed this corded electric pole chainsaw. It is simple to operate and can sever some branches that are thicker. It has strength and efficiency. He was also able to prune our palm tree because of his great reach.

  1. The Black+Decker PP610 Electric Pole Chainsaw

Power saw has always been dependable from Black + Decker, and they also set the bar for yard care equipment. This 10-foot is there. It’s the same with a corded electric pole saw equipped with a guide bar scabbard. The 10′′ Oregon low-kickback bar and chain, along with the strong 7-amp motor, can handle even the most difficult cuts with maximum speed and no vibration.

While you are pruning, the motor won’t block your line of sight. There are features like automated lubrication and transparent windows for checking the oil level of the corded electric pole saw.

The description of this device

This electric pole saw’s 9 lbs. weight may seem hefty, but it is actually well balanced, keeps the chain on the branch while it is stretched, and cuts right through it. It features a manual chain tensioner, unlike others, but once the chain is tightened, it doesn’t need to be readjusted.

Unfortunately, this electric pole saw lacks the detachable chain and pole function that many users desire, but even without it, it still performs admirably for close cuts when the pole is fully retracted.

The benefits of this pole saw:

  • The chain is lubricated automatically from a reservoir
  • Electric motor simplifies the task of trimming trees.
  • The pole extension reaches up to 10 feet Safety switch to prevent unintentional starting

The drawbacks of this pole saw:

  • Need to manually establish adequate tension
  • Pole is a little unsteady when extended.

The simplest tool – Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S Electric Pole Saw

The outstanding reach & height. This electric pole saw has amazing length and height, if there is one thing you should know about it. You can reach even the highest branches on your trees thanks to its fantastic pole-extending capability.

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Consider all the things you could accomplish with a pole saw. Even with the highest branches out there, you won’t often need to have a ladder handy!

Besides that, this electric pole saw is memorable for its lightweight. There are a number of pole saws that trade-off length for weight. This is an extendable pole, so you can obtain a long, fantastic pole saw that is unfortunately quite difficult to operate.

Fortunately, the PS45010S pole saw gives you greater reach without sacrificing your comfort. This electric pole saw’s body weighs about 7 pounds, which is not particularly heavy.

The description of this device

This electric pole won’t make it difficult for you to hoist the electric pole saw and reach for the high limbs and cut tree branches, as it has the strongest extension cord.

Also, this pole saw is very simple to handle. The grip, or lack thereof, on the pole saw is a common source of the difficulty. Some saws don’t include a handgrip, making the entire piece of equipment somewhat difficult to wield. It can put a great deal of strain on the hands and potentially provide a serious risk down the road.

Fortunately, the non-slip handle or the pole chain of this electric pole saw is comfy. This extendable pole is manageable for you to use without putting too much strain on your hands. You have nothing to worry about with this extension pole, even though you work long hours!

The benefits of Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S Electric Pole Saw

  • One of the modern longest saws
  • A body that is thin
  • Useful and secure

The drawbacks of this pole saw

  • The cord has a propensity to obstruct.

Which is better battery or electric pole saw?

Before answering this question and finding the best electric pole saw, let’s look at the differences between the two options of these pole saws.

Cordless Pole Saws or Battery-powered pole saws

A battery-powered pole saw or any other cordless models are alternative to a gas-powered saw that is cleaner, quieter and produces less vibration, making use a little less taxing.

Battery-powered tools

One drawback is that, in comparison to gas poles and gas power, some torque can be lost. However, I believe that the trade-off is minimal for domestic household use. In exchange, you have a cleaner, quieter tool that won’t annoy your neighbors.

Pole saws that run on batteries attach a lithium-ion battery to the tool’s body. Although they do add weight, overall, they are still lighter than those that run on gasoline.

Volts are used to rate battery power. The degree of output from each lithium-powered battery will immediately correspond to the pole saw’s power.

The cordless pole saws

With cordless pole saws, you also have the benefit of not being dependent on a mains power source, giving you a good degree of flexibility so long as your batteries have enough capacity for pruning trees and cut branches.

Regarding the power output, the cordless pole chainsaws with batteries typically weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, providing for a much less strenuous day of work. Moreover, the chain tension will not be overstretched.

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The runtime of Lithium Batteries

The power consumption of the pole saw and the battery cell storage capacity will both have an immediate impact on the pole saw’s runtime. Amp Hours are used to measure the storage capacity. In other words, a battery that is 1.5Ah stores 1-2 amp hours of electricity. How long will it last in actual use, though?

If a cordless pole saw uses 3-4 Amps of electricity per hour and the battery has a 2.0 Amp Hour capacity, the equipment and battery should last for 25 minutes, which is almost unlimited power for work.

Simply said, a battery will survive longer if its Ah rating is higher. For your pole saw, it is also feasible to purchase multiple battery cells, allowing you to switch them out as needed and continue using the tool.

Electric Pole Saw Corded

A power cord connected to the mains powers a corded pole saw. This implies that the workspace you can use and your degree of agility therein are both constrained.

The least pleasing method to rock and roll is while attached to a wall. They do, however, have certain benefits.

The benefits of electric tools:

  • Unlimited Power: The power tools produce much more power than a cordless battery-powered saw and never run out of gas or batteries.
  • Low Purchase Price: Since corded electric pole saws don’t require an engine or batteries, they are the cheapest device to purchase.
  • Lightest Corded Pole Saw: Because they rely solely on a motor for power rather than cumbersome lithium cell batteries or hefty metal engines, they are the lightest pole saw that money can purchase.

What should I look for when buying an electric pole saw?

It might be confusing to choose the sort of Pole Saw that is appropriate for your situation because there are so many of them available and they all provide different characteristics. You undoubtedly have a lot of questions…

  1. What length must the pole be?
  2. How long will I need the cutting bar, and what is it like? What is the best cutting angle?
  3. What advantages do gas, battery, or corded pole saws offer?
  4. The definition of Combo-Chainsaw. 

Pole Length vs. Working Height

The majority of manufacturers will assert something regarding the length of the pole, but you must be certain you comprehend what they are asserting. Working height and pole length are two distinct points of reference.

The differences between the height and length:

Working height: This term describes the height of the pole from the chainsaw’s blade tip to either the handle or the height of the person holding the pole. In other words, the distance between the blade and the ground.

Pole Length: really should mean that. The distance between the pole and the chainsaw body that you are holding. Most Pole Saw poles are between 6 and 12 feet long; anything longer than an arm length requires careful consideration.

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Cutting Bar Length

A chainsaw’s cutting bar length is a measurement of the length of the blade that can effectively cut through high branches while still leaving enough overlap to prevent kickback.

A pole saw bar’s length is calculated by measuring it from the chainsaw’s body’s base to the blade’s tip or nose. Therefore, the length of the bar that is used for cutting limbs is that length.

The weight of the Pole Saw

One of the most frequently disregarded factors in the buyer’s opinion is a pole saw weight. Most pole saws weigh between 7 and 15 pounds, while some gas-powered ones can weigh up to 20 pounds or more. Over the course of a workday, this can wear on one and cause exhaustion. Accidents can result from fatigue…

I want to be productive, comfortable, and, of course, return to my family unharmed at the end of the day when I work. Make sure the tool you purchase will function well for the duration of your working hours. For me, the lighter the instrument, the better, all other things being equal.

Easily Removeable Chainsaw Head

It might be highly beneficial to purchase a pole saw with a detachable head, especially for DIY enthusiasts or infrequent users. If you’re a professional, you probably already have one or more chainsaws for bucking logs and cutting down trees.

However, for the typical consumer who uses a pole saw sometimes, it’s incredibly convenient to be able to separate the pole and use a tiny, lightweight hand chainsaw on the off chance that you would need one.

This smaller saw or mini chainsaw is excellent for bucking logs, cutting small to medium-sized trees that you might have near the edge of your yard, and cutting firewood.

Keep an eye out for a 2-in-1 pole saw with a detachable head that is fully extended if this describes you. Frequently, the mini chainsaw length can be simply removed while keeping all other saw operational features, allowing the head to be detached and reattached to the handle body.

The safety switch

When using a strong cutting instrument as a pole saw, safety must be one of your top priorities. Read the manual carefully to learn how to follow the product’s manufacturer’s usage instructions.

Additionally, bear in mind that even while using the pole saw on a hedge from the ground may feel comfortable, doing so becomes more challenging once the pole has been stretched. Make sure that you use enough power and do not forget to switch off the powerful motor of the pole saw.

For greater saw control, look for pole saws with telescoping poles and handles that are simple to grasp. To help the user regain control if the current height is too difficult to manage, a telescoping pole can be shortened.

Automatic or Manual Oiler

The chainsaw head’s oiler, which draws oil onto the blade, is a small oil reservoir. The user may press a priming push button to manually operate this oiling process.

With most contemporary pole saws, an automatic oiler will take care of the task for youm and this is the role of the best electric pole saw.

Simply make sure you maintain the oil reservoir topped out and check the oil level. Some prefer manual oilers because they have more control over the frequency and amount of oil released onto the blade.

Personally, we prefer to concentrate on finishing the task safely and leave the lubrication to the automatic oilers.

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How thick of a limb can a pole saw cut?

When the branches have a diameter of at least 12 inches, a pole saw is a potent tool. The pole also makes it possible for you to quickly reach the tree branches from the ground. But what makes it more effective than others is its cutting capability.

The saw blade resembles a chainsaw more. The speed increases without pausing for a second. On average, a cutting bar 12 inches long is provided to support the chain.

Additionally, the blade’s teeth can remove objects with a diameter of 5 to 10 inches. Therefore, you can practically cut any branch depth with it.

How Should I Use A Pole Saw?

Although it is absolutely safe to use a pole saw to cut down a tree, there are some potential dangers that must be controlled using safety protocols and industry best practices. My step-by-step manual is a tried-and-true procedure that you may use to complete your task in a secure and fun manner.

Organize A Big Workspace

Review your immediate surroundings and look for access points. Always prohibit or stop persons from unintentionally entering the workstation where they could be injured. Making sure that no dogs or animals are at risk from fallen tree limbs also applies to pets.

Check your ability to move without creating a trip hazard or any other type of overhead hazard before using any power tools. Keep an eye out for exposed tree roots or uneven terrain. Create a safe area that you can enter right away if any unexpected branches start to fall.

Make a cutting sequence plan

Just pause and consider the order of cuts you want to make before grabbing your pole saw and powering it up. Take a step back and picture yourself removing each limb from the tree, moving up the levels of the tree canopy.

Put yourself in a secure location

When using a pole saw, you must stand apart from the branch you are cutting as your target. By doing this, you may be sure to have the optimal cutting angle while also avoiding any falling objects and of course the branch itself.

You might need to change the pole length for this configuration to function properly. After adjusting the pole, check the manufacturer’s directions to make sure you have a solid fix.

It’s also important to think about how close your power connection is to any branches that could fall. Keep the power source safe from harm because an accident involving it is the last thing you need.

Correctly Hold The Pole Saw

With both hands, raise the pole saw to the height of the branch you want to cut, then raise the blade. As you rest the blade on the branch in the regions that need to be chopped, make sure you have control over the pole saw’s weight.


The Sun Joe SWJ800E is well-designed, lightweight, and has a 4-year limited guarantee met our expectations. So, we chose it as our top choice. The only one with reliable safety features is it.

This pole saw’s design also makes it simple to handle and control. After reading our advice, you can be confident that you won’t select the wrong electric pole trimmer for your needs.

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